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Connie Nation, HHP

Connie Nation is a Certified Lymphatic Therapist, Holistic Health Practitioner, and certified Yoga instructor. She combines her training at the Center for Lymphatic Health in Santa Barbara, California with her training from the Body, Mind College in San Diego, California, to offer her patients a full range of expertise in healing the body. She specializes in combining lymphatic massage and yoga therapy to facilitate healing for her patients.

Connie became a yoga teacher at the Master Yoga Academy in La Jolla, California, and has taught at the academy and the Deepak Chopra Center as well. Her twenty-year practice combines medical massage and yoga for a holistic approach to relieve pain and heal the body.

My Story

When a friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer, she tried natural healing methods hoping to avoid surgery and the loss of her breast. She eventually opted for the safest possible course of action and scheduled a mastectomy. Following her surgery, her physician made a few recommendations to maintain her health and practice prevention. One of his recommendations was to get regular lymphatic massage. She convinced me to add lymphatic training to my existing massage practice.

Working with post-surgery patients and especially breast cancer patients has proven to be the most rewarding practice I could imagine.

Silvia Lopez, CMT, CMLDT

Connie is pleased to announce the incorportion of Sylvia Lopez as Business Associate. Sylvia is a successful certified massage therapist and certified manual lymphatic drainage technician. In the course of the last 20 years Sylvia has established herself in the spa industry as a General Manager and later promoted to Salon and Spa Director. A graduate from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and certified through the highly regarded Dr. Vodder. Sylvia has successful hands-on experience providing comfort and care massage for pre and post-operative patients. Due to her technical expertise and ability to create a calm, nurturing environment, she has been privileged to be working next to Connie Nation.


After breast cancer surgery, Connie’s lymphatic massage therapy helped my tissues relax and my swelling decrease. I felt a sense of relief and integration in my new body. Connie is a compassionate healing presence that uplifted my spirit and gave me consistent strength and support.
- Victoria Allen ~ 10 yr cancer survivor

I first came to Connie really soon after a procedure (within one week). I had significant bruising and pain from the procedure and was on a schedule of pain medicines every four hours. Within two days after the first lymphatic drainage massage 90% of the bruising was gone and I was able to discontinue my pain medicine altogether. Her hands are healing hands.

Connie has given me the final piece in the management of my pain for a herniated disc. The pain, which traveled down my right leg often caused my leg to buckle when I walked. There were days when I couldn't bend to tie my shoe. Physical therapy was a start, but it was Connie's massages (weekly at first), exercises, and yoga positions that were the tools I needed to manage the pain on a day-to-day basis--- after a 5-hour car trip to see my children or after yard work I love so much. I no longer need to see Connie every week but I think about her every day when I do the exercises she taught me.
- Lucy Goodwin.

As a two-year breast cancer survivor, Connie’s lymphatic massage was one of the most critical cornerstones of my recovery. Being a psychologist, it was essential for me that my healing time had emotional safety, integrity and professionalism. A healthier connection with my body ensures complete remission from the breast cancer.
- Dr. Divya Kakaiya, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, San Diego, California

In 2007 and 2008 I had mastectomy of the breast along with reconstruction. With the lymphatic massages and skilled hands of Connie Nation I was able to heal quicker from the surgeries and with less pain. Connie was always coaching me along the journey of healing which was an added bonus of “peace of mind”. I am so grateful to her for her care.
- Karen ~ Breast Cancer Thriver